Your treatment will be performed by Dr. David P. Melamed.

What is BTX?

BTX is an FDA approved medical treatment to relax muscles in order to reduce wrinkles. It is a simple and safe procedure performed by Dr. David P. Melamed in the comfort of his West Los Angeles office.The following are FDA-approved BTX medications: onobotulinumA, abobotulinumA, incobotulinumA.

BTX takes only a few minutes and requires no recovery time. Using a micro-sized needle the medication is injected into specific muscles in the face and neck to relax them and lessen the appearance of wrinkles that result from our daily expressions such as crow’s feet worry lines, frown lines and laugh lines. This is an effective means of reversing the visible signs of aging. The results can be seen within four days and last 3-6 months, depending on the individual.

Are there any side effects from BTX

Side effects from BTX treatment are typically related to the local injection of the solution. There may be a slight discomfort from the needle entering the skin, and a small chance of a bruise at the site of the injection. There are no reports currently of damage to the eye, with injections to the eyelid. Dr. David P. Melamed reports that there have been no permanent side effects from BTX treatments.

Is the treatment painful?

Cosmetic treatment consists of a series of skin injections through a very small needle. There is moderate discomfort for the short injection period and slight “tenderness to the touch” may occur at treated areas for 24 to 48 hours. Redness and/or swelling are typically minimal. Patients can reasonably expect to return to work or attend social engagements immediately following their treatment.

When will I notice a difference and how long does it last?

The full effect is usually not apparent for five to ten days after the treatment. The duration of the effect varies with each individual. BTX is usually metabolized within four to six months. Patients may choose to have maintenance treatments. The interval between re-treatments may increase with ongoing maintenance treatments. Some patients can be maintained on yearly treatment sessions.

What can I expect during and after my treatment?

The procedure involves injecting BTX into the area to be treated with a very tiny needle. The actual treatment takes approximately 15 minutes. The treatment does not require any recovery time and has a very low incidence of side effects. The most common side effect is bruising at the injection site, but this is uncommon, minimal and temporary. Feel free to ask Dr. Melamed any questions during your consultation.

Cosmetic injections to reduce frown lines on rare occasions may temporarily cause eyelid drooping. In the rare case when this occurs, it is typically noticed in the first week or two after treatment and usually resolves within four weeks. If eyelid droop occurs, a medication may be prescribed to help alleviate this temporary condition.

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