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Postpartum Hair Loss: Why Do New Moms Experience Hair Loss?

Becoming a mother is an event that can have a massive impact on a woman’s life. While welcoming a newborn into the world is an experience that will always be remembered, there can often be effects on the mother’s body afterward. Postpartum hair loss is an entirely normal event that can happen after having a baby. Often the result of changing hormone levels from pregnancy, this common condition typically corrects itself a few months after childbirth.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones will fluctuate from their normal, pre-pregnancy levels. Estrogen and progesterone levels often exponentially rise. While these hormone levels are high, hair stays in a stage of growth that creates thick, healthy hair that doesn’t shed.

After giving birth, these hormones ultimately return to their normal levels, and hair will enter a resting phase before shedding again as it usually would. Because the hair hasn’t shed throughout the duration of the pregnancy, there will often be a buildup of hair strands that are ready to fall out. While the average amount of hair loss per day is typically between 50 to 100 strands per day, this number can be significantly higher postpartum.

Is Postpartum Hair Loss Permanent?

The good news is that postpartum hair loss often isn’t permanent. This phase will often only last a handful of months, with most women noticing their hair volume returning to normal between six months and a year after the birth of their child. As hormones return to their normal levels, the mother’s hair will also return to the way it was before pregnancy.

If you notice that your hair continues to shed more than normal, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. Your doctor will be able to run tests to determine the cause of the hair loss and determine the best treatment plan for your postpartum hair loss.

How to Treat Postpartum Hair Loss

While we can’t completely stop the shedding of hair, we can do several things to encourage a healthy hair growth cycle.
Vitamins and supplements developed for healthy hair can be an effective way to stimulate healthy hair growth. In addition to a healthy diet, supplements can balance out the nutrients that are essential for a healthy body and healthy hair.
• While it may not be easy as a new mother, try to reduce the amount of stress you experience. Stress has been linked to a handful of hair loss conditions. By minimizing the amount of stress you experience on an average day, you can help your hair grow in the long run.
• Low-lever laser therapy is a relatively new method for treating hair loss and stimulating healthy hair. By emitting photons into the scalp, mitochondrial activity increases, leading to increased protein synthesis that triggers follicles to enter the anagen growth phase.

Childbirth is an experience that will change the lives of many. While the process may be difficult, it is often rewarding. While postpartum hair loss is normal, it shouldn’t play a part in how you feel or your experience. At West LA Medical & skincare, Dr. Melamed is a leader in treating hair loss for various reasons. He considers each situation to develop a treatment plan that will achieve the best results for his patients. Schedule a consultation today to discover how he can help you!


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