I have seen Dr. Melamed as a personal doctor when I have been ill.  I have had Botox with him, AND lipodissolve with acoustic wave treatments. In all cases he has been absolutely excellent.  He explained everything, never pushed anything, and always put my health and well being first. I have been extremely happy with Dr. Melamed, and with my results.  I cannot say enough good about Dr. Melamed and Lisa in the front office.  They are always very thorough, and professional, and very kind.  I highly recommend them.
Anonymous Patient

This is by far the nicest, most professional skincare clinic I have been to. I was interested in getting laser treatment done for enlarged pores and discoloration, even considering Fraxel. First I went to another place that I felt uneasy about, so I thought I would get a second opinion here. They were extremely welcoming when I entered (even offered me water as I waited) and apologized for the wait, even though it wasn’t that long. As soon as I was able to see the doctor he was just as accommodating. He was very nice, patient and asked me a lot of questions about my concerns- just seemed genuinely interested. He then took pictures of my face, asking me to point out my concerns on a magnified projector screen, and told me what was best for my skin. He did not try to sell me anything inappropriate or even ask me when I was ready to make my first appointment. As a matter of fact, he talked me out of laser treatment altogether saying it was not necessary and that I should save my thousands of dollars and go for something less ablative. We agreed on 6 sessions of various less expensive peels & microdermabrasion, which I cannot wait to start. The receptionist went over all the details at the end, and even she wasn't pushy. Altogether, it was an amazing, comforting experience and this is exactly what I wanted when contemplating having something done to my face. To make things even better, they even send me a Thank You letter in the mail for coming in! Anyone thinking of having skin rejuvenation or anything done to their face, should go here first. They will be in good hands.

Dr. Melamed and Lisa's unique care and service. Simply put, their care has been the best I have experienced in dermatology or in any other medical care for that matter. They offer one on one attention and are very responsive to follow up questions. They expend the greatest effort in making sure the patient fully understands the medical issues and suggested treatment. It doesn't hurt that their offices feel like a day spa and not a doctor’s office. Dr. Melamed seems to believe in old school physician care which translates into a very pleasant and highly recommended experience.

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